Shackleton Energy has over 20 years experience in the design, fabrication, integration, test and field deployment of fully autonomous mobility systems (UGVs, AUVs, HROVs, RVs) for use on the surface, underground, underwater, and in space.   SEC has pioneered the development of autonmous systems to enable a full scale Europa lander-ice-penetration-AUV life search mission:  what many consider to be the most ambitious robotics development project ever undertaken.  A string of dramatic field demonstrations with vehicles like DEPTHX, ENDURANCE, and VALKYRIE have proved the viability of behavior-based programming to handle unstructured problems in navigation, obstacle avoidance, rendezvous and docking, search for microbial life, exploration and mapping, 3D-feature-based navigation, and sample site selection, all without human intervention.  SEC has developed hundreds of thousands of lines of debugged modular autonomous behavior code.  Large portions of these modules are being re-used for ground breaking new projects at SEC  like ARTEMIS (the first long range autonomous vehicle to explore under the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica),  SpaceBrake (SEC’s program for on-demand reentry systems), and SEC’s on-orbit and lunar ops habitats and orbital transfer systems.