In order to move fast on technology design and development we’ve developed rules and methods that are different from traditional large aerospace concerns.

Rule #1

Nothing is impossible (unless it violates the laws of physics).

Rule #2

Bend the laws of physics to the extent possible..

Rule #3 

Brainstorm it, build it, and get it out into the field for test as rapidly as possible
(you only truly learn if it works by testing it in the real deal).

Rule #4

Design it as if your life depended on it because it does! A big part of our program is development of
manned systems and our staff are personally involved in field testing
and use of our designs in extremely hazardous environments.

Rule #5

Develop technology we need in the least possible time for the best price.

Blue - System Liquefaction Refinery Transport.png
Grey - System Regolith Volatile Extraction System.png
Grey - System Propellant Depot.png

We Are Developing the Critical Technologies

Shackleton Energy Company has developed a comprehensive plan of action identifying all the
critical technology developments necessary for program completion


Shackleton Energy Engineering Development

The Shackleton Energy team has been developing foundational technologies that teach us how to finance, organize,
build and lead the greatest expansion of the frontier in the history of humanity