Dale Tietz

Dale Tietz

U.S. Air Force pilot, major system acquisition manager, Strategic Defense Initiative program manager, business developer and pioneer in unmanned aviation, Dale joined SEC as the President to turn goals into reality. With over 40 years of aerospace experience, Dale’s unique background, talent, international networks and zeal to do what others often say is impossible motivated him to team with Bill Stone to make SEC a winner.

“Spindletop initiated the modern oil and gas revolution and SEC will do the same in space. The timing could not be better with the global convergence of nations, businesses, entrepreneurs and wealth all clamoring for a commercial space ecosystem that make this venture so exciting.” 

Bill Stone

World-class explorer, inventor and engineer, Bill Stone has over 35 years of experience in Government and industry that has led him to the conclusion that exploring the Moon for ice and deploying "gas stations in space" as a private venture is the right project, at the right time, employing the right resources to do the right thing for humanity.

“When we are successful, then all who participate in it will go down in history as those who were responsible for truly opening the space frontier in our time––a pioneering effort that many said could not be done.  Water on the Moon is literally the feedstock for the next major Gold Rush in space."
Jim Keravala

Jim Keravala

Jim comes to SEC with an exemplary 25 year background in space development and operations. Instrumental in the launch of over a dozen satellites, he was also involved in the establishment of new space programs for emerging space nations. Jim combines systems engineering and entrepreneurial drive to build long term infrastructure vision based upon near term capital requirements in his role as architect of SEC's program. Jim also leads SEC's Middle Eastern, European and Russian operations teams.

"We are Go for the greatest and most profitable endeavor in human history. With our depots in space and crew on the Moon, we'll have boots on the ground and set a foothold to the stars."

Erika Ilves

As a global innovation strategist Erika has led several corporate restructuring programs in banking and telecom sectors as an engagement manager at McKinsey. She is the Founder of the Human Project program addressing space, technology and other key sectors influencing humanity's growth and affecting our future. Erika has used her experience in corporate strategy to refine SEC's business plan and global partnerships.

"Industry on Earth would be unimaginable without a transportation system of refuellable vehicles. That's what we must build outside the Earth's atmosphere to do all the great things we want to do in space, from geostationary solar power stations to settling Mars. The first step is an orbital fuel station with lunar supply chain of fuel. There is just no way around it."