Shackleton Energy (SEC) has a deep legacy of more than 27 years of manned-ops experience with placing crews under pressure and with the design of pressurized habitats (inflatable and rigid) and decompression and recompression procedures.  SEC maintains expertise in the management of human crews in pressurized habitats including ingress, egress, and capsule transfer of crews under pressure, as well as the design of pressure hulls (inflatable and rigid) and lock out redundancy systems, all of which are directly applicable to the design of LEO and lunar pressurized habitats as well as human-rated orbital transfer vehicles.  SEC has extensive expertise in real-time decompression engine and decompression planning tool development that is directly applicable to EVA decompression management.  SEC team members have been responsible for handling scores of capsule transfer operations including many underwater exploration EVA missions lasting in excess of 22 hours (and including up to 17 hours of decompression).