Eight Years to Full Operations

The Apollo program put the first man on the Moon in 7 years and cost over $100 billion. Shackleton Energy will place a team on the Moon within 8 years, provide millions of tonnes of fuel and water for solar system customers, and lay the foundation for space settlement for approximately one-tenth of the cost of Apollo. First revenues are scheduled to be generated within 4 years of program start and full break-even within 12 years.

Year 1

Phase 1: Planning

Detailed technical and architectural design including customer engagement and propellant pre-sales.

Year 4

Phase 2: Prospecting

Robotic lunar polar prospecting missions for ice to identify the best mining locations and for the operational base.

Year 6

Phase 3: infrastructure

Development, construction and deployment of prototype spacecraft for systems validation and initial human operations.

Year 8

Phase 4: operations

Human lunar operations and establishment of propellant supply chain to customers - open for business!

Program Briefing by SEC's Chief Operating Officer & Architect, Jim Keravala

Filmed at Government Futures Lab, Reconstitutional Convention, April 26, 2013.