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We Have the Plan

Phase 1 - Preliminary Design and Mission Architecture
A series of missions and expeditions building up to an industrial scale program in space that provides customers
with all the fuel and water necessary to go explore

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Let's Find the Ice

Phase 2 - Robotic Prospecting and Mapping
We know there's water on the Moon, billions of metric tonnes of it! What we don't know is where the highest concentrations are, what form it is in and how friendly is the vicinity to our robotic mining equipment and industrial crew. The Prospecting Phase will reveal all


Let's Build that Pipeline

Phase 3 - Critical Design and Infrastructure Buildout

We need to build infrastructure from Earth all the way to the Moon to ensure a supply chain that fuels the frontier. We start off by developing all the systems, vehicles and equipment in the fleet that enable our crew and robots to do their jobs. The fleet consisting of depots, refineries, tankers, transporters, mining systems will all built on a production line like modern day aircraft.

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The Moonbase!

Phase 4 - Orbital Operations and Lunar Deployment

Now we set up our base of operations on the Moon. Before the crew arrives, all the mining, habitation and<
water processing equipment will be in place and ready to start work


Boots on the Ground!

Phase 4 - Lunar Operations and Crew Deployment

Once we have deployed all the modules for our Moonbase, the first humans to return to the Moon will land in March 2021 to begin
operations. Each crew member will be selected for the Lunar Expeditions based on
Shackleton Energy's decades of expeditionary experience and training in space.


Let's Turn on the Tap!

Phase 4 - Supply Chain Operations and Sales

We have scheduled the start of sales and deliveries of fuel in Low Earth Orbit and on the Moon to customers in 2022.

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