Shackleton Energy has more than 30 years of experience designing and deploying space systems -- from small sat design and launch to directing a dedicated shuttle mission.  SEC has, as part of its business architecture, developed novel concepts for on-demand reentry from orbit, ranging from cubesat recovery systems to orbital lifeboats to industrial aerobrakes capable of returning 100 ton payloads from the moon to LEO.  With our spacebrake technology we will first explore small payload recovery, then as confidence and capability grows, ramp up to much larger downmass systems over time.  Eventually, this technology will enable SEC to demonstrate on–demand recovery of SEC crewmembers from space either for contingencies or special operations.  These larger, much more capable orbital lifeboats––called Assured Crew Recovery Return Vehicles (ACRVs)––will become the lifeblood of SEC commercial propellant depot operations in space for our crews and provide support to other participating spacefarers who do not have readily available means of on-demand return to Earth. This will also be a critical enabler to pave the way for very large aerobraking systems that will be required to economically fly water in our transporters from the Moon to our fuel depots in low Earth orbit (LEO).