Our Team & Strategic Partners

We have recruited incredible individuals, many of whom define what world class means in their respective domains of expertise, be it lunar geology or program management. Our team is a distributed network of almost 150 people bringing 4,000 man years of combined experience in aerospace engineering, program management, exploration, mining and business development. Over the years, all of us have contributed significant chunks of our time and expertise to develop the Shackleton Energy program for one simple reason--we believe it's a brilliant idea. Here are some of the executive leaders of the Shackleton Energy Program:

Erika Ilves - Chief Strategic Officer

Dr Jeffrey Hoffman - Advisor, Human Ops & LEO Station Command

Max de Jong - Inflatable Space Architectures & Lunar Expeditions

Dr Steven Howe - Chief Nuclear Systems

Dr Norbert Frischauf - International Operations

Dr Melissa Force - Chief Space Law

Dr Greg Baiden - Chief Lunar Mining

Dr Richard Pyle - Lunar Expedition Team

Dr James Logan - Chief Spaceflight Medical Officer

Mike Loucks - Orbital Mission Analysis

Dr Erick Malaret - Lunar Operations Assessments & Mission Planning




The Shackleton Energy program is not a one-company show. It takes a consortium to pull off a space infrastructure project of this scale and complexity. Over the years, we have negotiated strategic relationships with dozens of companies and space agencies. Here is a sampling of our strategic relationships:

SEC maintains active relationships with many government organizations worldwide.  In particular, the following information is provided to assist US Government clients with validation and verification of SEC registration in www.sam.gov for official US business: Shackleton Energy Company, CAGE Code: 6GBA5; EIN: 27-5170014; DUNS: 968028998.

All SEC operations are compliant with US Government restrictions on Export Control Laws including ITAR.